The Hidden Costs of Disorganized Data in Remote Construction Projects

Say "Goodbye" to your Disorganized Paper Files and "Hello" to Construction Management Software

How often do you find yourself dealing with an overwhelming amount of project data?

Maybe you consider yourself organized. Your Excel spreadsheets are clean, folders are labeled, and paperwork is in order, but over the course of the project, you spend more and more time searching for important data. Milestones, material orders, timesheets, invoices, field reports, the list goes on.

Often, the data collects in different places: a stack of papers on your desk, documents in cloud storage, flagged emails in your inbox.

This is the reality of managing a mobile workforce without purpose-built construction software. Manual status updates that are often inaccurate or delayed. Lack of visibility into daily crew activities. Inaccurate job costs. A last-minute rush to review and approve timecards. Is your project on track? Are you going over your budget? What deliverables are being missed, and how do you catch up?

All Your Data in One Place

The benefits of Construction Management Software

Construction Management software platforms, like Fieldclix, help capture and organize your important data to present clear and accurate status across all your active projects. Fieldclix is designed to gather real-time data so you can identify issues while there's still time to make a difference.

This includes operational status, including project milestones, site status, crew locations and photo checklists, and financial transactions, such as client and vendor POs and Invoices. This means important records won't get lost in the shuffle and clients can be invoiced as soon as you reach payment milestones. With Fieldclix, operations and Finance teams are always on the same page; no more emails and phone calls to track down those missing POs and Invoices.

Fieldclix also captures all job costs as they happen, including labor, vendor, material, and field expenses. This allows Project Managers to track costs daily and make adjustments as needed to stay within budget.

In addition, Fieldclix brings your business into the 21st century with GPS tracking to capture remote timecard data. This means your project managers can see exactly where their crews are deployed and where valuable labor hours are being spent. This increased visibility results in improved collaboration between field crews and their project managers.

With Fieldclix, clients are seeing a 20-30% improvement in field productivity and a 10-15% increase in time on site, meaning you are saving costs while getting more work done with your existing employees. In a time of labor shortages, this is more critical than ever.

Is Fieldclix right for you?

Are remote labor hours your biggest cost? Do you struggle to get accurate, timely job costs? Do you have to go to multiple sources for project documents and status?

Fieldclix is built to help Subcontractors, Trades and other companies with a mobile workforce address the unique challenges that come with deploying field resources to multiple project sites every day.

Unlike many other platforms, Fieldclix provides real-time visibility into remote activities and daily updates on progress and costs across all your active projects so you always know where you stand.

Schedule a discussion with a Fieldclix representative to learn more about our features and pricing so you can decide whether we're a good fit for you.

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