Boosting Field Productivity: How Construction Management Software Can Help You Get More Done with Your Existing Team

Get visibility and control into your valuable labor hours

For subcontractors and trades managing a remote workforce, the challenges of dispatching field crews to work on a large number of active projects can be daunting. One of the biggest challenges is tracking remote worker efficiency. This is because traditional methods of time tracking rely on manual entry and often result in incorrect job codes and unreliable timecards. Multiply this over dozens of active job sites, and you can quickly lose control of where your labor costs are being spent.

By leveraging mobile GPS tracking, construction management software platforms, like Fieldclix, can automatically record different activities such as warehouse time, drive time, and time-on-site, while automatically generating accurate timecards, giving you improved visibility into where your labor hours are being spent. This accuracy also provides improved accountability across project teams and more accurate project data.

Real-Time Visibility into your Mobile Workforce

Increase Productive time on-site for your remote workforce

In an analysis of Fieldclix data, field crews can spend between 10-40% of their daily hours away from the job site, which represents a significant loss of productive hours. With improved visibility into field activities, Fieldclix customers have been able to increase crew time on-site by up to 15%, which translates to one extra crew member for every ten employees in the field. This means that remote construction companies can get more work done with their existing teams without having to expand their workforce.

The ability to get real-time visibility into remote activities also supports more effective collaboration between project managers and field crews due to the ability to jointly identify opportunities to reduce unproductive time away from the job site.

Construction management software platforms, like Fieldclix, can also help managers validate compliance with labor laws and regulations. The mobile app can automatically track breaks and meal periods, alert managers when employees are approaching overtime, and generate compliance reports. With this level of automation, remote construction companies can avoid costly fines and legal issues that can arise from non-compliance.

Improve remote construction productivity in the office and in the field

Construction management software can help increase productivity and efficiency for trades and subcontractors focused on managing remote projects. With the ability to accurately track worker productivity and automate routine tasks, construction companies can reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and create a platform for business growth.

Is Fieldclix right for you?

Are remote labor hours your biggest cost? Do you struggle to get accurate, timely job costs? Do you have to go to multiple sources for project documents and status?

Fieldclix is built to help Subcontractors, Trades and other companies with a mobile workforce address the unique challenges that come with deploying field resources to multiple project sites every day.

Unlike many other platforms, Fieldclix provides real-time visibility into remote activities and daily updates on progress and costs across all your active projects so you always know where you stand.

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