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Darrin Wagner
CEO, Test Communications
"We evaluated several solutions and chose Fieldclix because of their unique ability to track field activities in real-time, create accurate job cost and project status reports, support remote team collaboration and help us make informed decisions."
Our scheduling and timecard automation features are designed to maximize productivity and crew time on-site. Get a daily summary of where your crew hours were spent and automated updates on all task completions in the field.

Crew Management
Real-Time Visibility into your Field Activities
Fieldclix captures and displays critical status for all your projects, including Job Costs, Task Completion, Profit Margins and Invoicing Status. We put you in a position to change course while there's time to make a difference.
Project Dashboards
Daily Updates on Project Progress and Spend
One Platform to Run your Business
Unprecedented detail on the financial and operational health of your business.
Project Managers
Bring operational efficiency and financial discipline to complex field deployments.
Field Crews
Tools, task lists and job aids to help ensure successful deployments.
Back Office
Daily updates on job costs with detailed P&L and WIP reporting.
Helping our Clients improve Productivity and Profits
"Once we moved our financial workflows from email to Fieldclix, we were able to maintain much tighter control on our project costs, even with teams working across the country."
Fieldclix replaced several different project trackers and we now get timely and accurate project data from one source to help us meet schedules and accelerate invoicing and revenue collection."
"We were leaving too much money on the table by relying on Excel and Quickbooks. With Fieldclix, we get timely updates on project status and costs to help us stay on top of productivity and margins."
Marty Coleman
Lower Material
and Asset Costs
Administrative Hours
Cash Collection
Reduce Project
Labor Costs
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The majority of Construction Software Platforms don't address the daily challenges that come with deploying field crews to remote, short-term projects. Fieldclix is purpose-built for companies with multiple ongoing projects where a one-day delay can often mean the difference between a profit and loss. This includes various trades (electrical, plumbing, roofing) as well as single-site and venue-based infrastructure projects such as cell towers, wireless antennas, charging stations and solar panels.
Do your construction and installation projects have the following characteristics: Short term (1 day to 3-4 weeks) with tight budgets. Multiple ongoing projects spread across remote locations. Small crews (2-6 resources) requiring structured daily deployments
Unlike most construction software platforms, Fieldclix is purpose-built for companies with multiple ongoing projects where a one-day delay can often mean the difference between a profit and loss. Our focus is increasing productive time on-site for your field crews and providing daily updates on progress and spend, so you can make adjustments while there's time to make a difference!