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Simplified Workforce Management for Complex Field Programs
Increase your Field Operations productivity by 30% to 40%
FieldCLIX is purpose-built to manage the complexity of field construction programs:

  • Minimize Project Risks with enhanced planning tools
  • Improve Coordination between Project Managers and Field Crews
  • Real-Time Visibility into Financial and Operational Health across projects, clients and markets
  • Mobile Tools and Job Aids to support Field Crews
  • Track and control movement of Assets and Materials
  • Manage Cash Flow with Vendor and Client invoice management

FieldCLIX provides powerful support to key users across the organization
Unprecedented detail on the financial and operational health of your business
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Project Managers
Bring operational efficiency and financial discipline to complex field deployments
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Field Crews
Tools, task lists and job aids to help ensure successful deployments
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Back Office
Manage cash flow with Client/Vendor Invoicing and Inventory/Asset Control
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  • Operational Transparency and Detailed Financial Insights across the organization
  • Reduce field program costs by 30% – 40%
  • Make informed business decisions with a centralized repository of operational and financial data
  • View Operational Metrics by project, region, role, tasks and individuals
  • Track Financial Performance in detail with configurable profit centers
  • Focus on the Efficient Deployment of field crews to work locations
  • Track field activities, monitor budgets and receive alerts about issues and slippages
  • Automate coordination of complex program workflows, tasks, and dependencies
  • Enforce compliance with best practices and operational policies
  • Focus on project profitability and managing exceptions vs. day to day activities
  • Access to all Work Orders via intuitive mobile interface
  • Service Tasks Checklists provide visibility to Work Order progression
  • Job Aids include Site Details, MOPs and other relevant documentation
  • Close Out Package (COP) support includes photo checklists with time and geo-stamps
  • View Payroll calendar with approved hours
  • Simplified Material Requests and approvals
  • Issue timely and accurate invoices based on project milestone status and unit costs
  • Accurately manage and track billings against client POs
  • Track invoicing and payment status across multiple stages
  • Capture, Validate and Approve Vendor Invoices
  • Manage Materials and Assets costs with Inventory Control and Asset Management
Lower Material
and Asset Costs
FieldCLIX Benefits
Administrative Hours
Cash Collection
Reduce Project
Labor Costs

FieldCLIX Advantages

Focus on Business Value
FieldCLIX was developed specifically to focus on improving operational and financial outcomes
Rapid Path to Benefits
FieldCLIX can be deployed rapidly and will deliver initial benefits within two months
Limited Deployment Risk
FieldCLIX core platform capabilities can meet your specific needs with minimal customization
Field Tested
FieldCLIX has generated over 9,000 field deployments over the past three years
Industry Expertise
The FieldCLIX team brings deep industry experience and best practices
Quickly create new project types and restructure how existing projects are designed and run
Available Integrations
Our Clients

FieldCLIX helped a Wireless Construction Company improve the efficiency of complex field construction and maintenance programs by up to 40%

FieldCLIX was created to support an established turnkey Wireless Construction Company when no suitable solutions were available in the marketplace.

FieldCLIX was used to manage projects in support of leading US wireless carriers including Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile
and AT&T Wireless.
FieldCLIX was developed to address the following typical complex field program challenges:
  • Inconsistent Processes and Tools
  • Management by phone, text and email
  • Sequential Hand-offs
  • Fragmented documentation
  • Non-aligned measures and success criteria

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